Products from the specific product groups SIA SDK (SDK Ltd) provides a two-year warranty if the product is used according to instructions label and in accordance with the manufacturer's intended purpose.
During the period of warranty, if repair is necessary, the product must be delivered directly to the seller where the product was obtained or to the SIA SDK (SDK Ltd) office, providing a proof of purchase – the original receipt, invoice and completed warranty card.
Firstly, under the valid warranty the product will be examined and/or diagnostics will be carried out and if necessary, the damaged parts will be replaced without the charge.
However, if the repair of the product is not possible after thorough examination and/or diagnostics, the product will be exchanged for new or similar product (if the specific product currently is not available or is out of stock).
Warranty is valid only if the goods were purchased from the SIA SDK (SDK Ltd).
Goods which were purchased in USA or other European and/or non EU countries, if the service becomes necessary under the warranty, the product shall be delivered to the service centre specified by the vendor, where the product was obtained originally.
The expenses of usual maintenance, preventive maintenance, or replacement of parts that are not defective, shall be covered by the buyer.
Warranty does not cover the costs of transportation – delivery to the service centre and delivery after repair. Warranty repairs are only carried out in the SIA SDK (SDK Ltd) service centre.
Warranty does not apply:
  • If damage is caused by abuse, misuse, alteration, modification, ill treatment, lack of maintenance or negligent care in general;
  • If damage is caused by the violation of instructions label;
  • If a product was repaired by yourself, or in any other service other than the SIA SDK (SDK Ltd) service centre;
  • If the goods have been used for commercial purposes (eg leased);
  • If the buyer is unable to present a valid proof of purchase - the original receipt, invoice and completed warranty card.
The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, scratches and mechanical defects which do not affect the full operation of the product.
Spare parts purchased from the SIA SDK (SDK Ltd) comes with three-month
warranty, provided that the parts are installed in the SIA SDK (SDK Ltd) service centre.

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